How to make a table saw fence

30 May

Sometimes your table saw does not have a fence and it is upon you to make your table saw fence. Table fence is very important when aligning the wood you are working on it. Otherwise your timber will appear with dents and warps. This necessitates the need for a table saw fence. The following simple steps will help you make a good table saw fence.

Step 1: Cut plywood pieces and sand them together.

Cut plywood of about 21mm thick. Clamp the piece of plywood and use it for cutting others into accurate pieces. Use a jigsaw to cut the plywood into pieces for the fence. Soften the pieces using a sand paper.

Step 2: Assembling the fence.

After preparing the pieces, glue three boards together and clamp them down. Ensure the pieces are well squared on the workbench, therefore ensure you are working on a flat surface. Pre drill holes on each side and make sure they are deep enough for the screws to appear flush with the surface otherwise you won’t be able to make accurate cuts on the table. Strengthen the pieces further together using screws

Step 3: Working on the front and the back of the fence.

After making the main parts of the fence, work on the front and the back face of the fence. Make sure the front part is perpendicular with the main body and about 70mm of it should be below the fence. Draw a line that will help you mark the boundary.  Drill a 19/64" hole for the 5/16" carriage bolt (about 0.4 mm smaller than a 8 mm bolt), with a square indentation on one end of the hole. Then hammer the carriage bolt in. It is always good to use heavy duty screws as you will be prying against the fence every time you are tightening. And that is it, yourtable sawfence is ready


There are several type of table saw fence available on the market. They perform equally the same task as your homemade table fence. However, it is very important to have the skill of making your own table saw fence as a woodworker as it is always not economically wise to keep buying the table saw fence every time yours gets faulty. Besides, if you make your own table saw fence, you can customize it according to your own project needs.

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